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One off/ spring cleaning

One-off cleaning is professional cleaning for clients who do not need a cleaner on a regular basis. You able to just order a cleaner when a need of cleaning arises. We can supply you with professional cleaning staff that can dust sweep, and clean your house into shape at a great price. We can organise a team of cleaners to come at a day and time convenient for you.
We offer flexible cleaning options. You can book either a single cleaning lady or team of professional cleaners. A spring clean could cover a whole house or only a certain areas or aspects.
Spring is probably the best season to book one off cleaning, but you don’t need to wait for spring to come you can book one off cleaning session anytime of the year though.


Our crew work following a checklist for each room/area in your property. Below is a list of the items included in our one-off service 



Common areas


Areas such as hallways and staircases need extra attention as they take their load of dirt and dust from heavy everyday use. We will:


▪ wipe down skirting boards
▪ clean fingerprint spots
▪ remove cobwebs
▪ vacuum carpets/ mop hard floors
▪ clean wall marks, mirrors and other glass surfaces
▪ clean light fittings





Kitchen is generally the heart of the home, it is the busiest room and the place where really messy stuff happens daily. Since it is a high traffic area gets dirty more quickly. Our cleaners make sure you can prepare food n a safe manner and enjoy your dinner in a spotless kitchen, they will:

▪ Clean sink and taps and remove lime scale, polish where required
▪ Clean inside and out all cupboards and drawers
▪ Wash and polish all work surfaces
▪ Hoover and mop floor
▪ Clean oven externally and internally to remove all built up grease
▪ Clean tiles and light fittings
▪ Remove cobwebs
▪ Clean dishwasher and washing machine inside/out
▪ Clean microwave and fridge inside/ out
▪ Wipe down the skirting boards, door handles, window sills, door frames





A bathroom isn’t just a place where you can have a shower or bath. It can be a sanctuary where you can clean your troubles away. Nice fluffy towels, scented candles or relaxing music can help you to relax, dirty bathroom can’t. Our cleaners can help you with it by delivering high quality results:

▪ Clean tiles, bathtub, shower screen and shower/bath fittings, descale if required
▪ Clean sink, vanity and polish the mirrors
▪ Scrub the toilet, disinfect and descale including base and behind
▪ Clean any cupboards inside and out
▪ Dust skirting boards and wipe any marks off
▪ Clean windows inside, window sills and doors including door frame
▪ Wash and polish the floor


Bedrooms and Living room


Your lounge and bedroom is a place of rest and sleep, it supposed to be the place where you can lie down clear your thoughts and let your worries drift away. It should be kept clean and tidy for beneficial relaxation. Below is the short list to give an idea what to expect from our cleaners who will:


▪ Dust all furniture and picture frames
▪ Remove marks from walls and light switches
▪ Remove cobwebs
▪ Dust TV’s, DVD’s and other electronic equipment
▪ Clean windows inside, window sills
▪ Polish mirrors and other glass surfaces
▪ Wipe down the skirting boards, doors and door frames
▪ Vacuum carpet, mop hard floors