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Event/ After Party Cleaning

Have you ever had a fantastic party and afterwards feel tired just by looking at the mess left behind? We provide a bespoke events and after party cleaning service that will see your home or commercial premises set right within a very short period of time as we understand how important is have your place clean as quickly as possible.


Our cleaners can follow a checklist which you can see below or can be directed on specific areas you would like them to concentrate on. Depending on the condition of the property after the clean you may require the carpet and/or upholstery to be steamed cleaned, we can provide professional carpet/upholstery cleaning service at affordable prices.
We are aware of the fact it isn’t easy to let strangers in your premises that’s why we have reliable staff carefully selected and CRB checked. Every member of our crew is motivated, well- trained and friendly too. Enjoy the lovely memories of the night before and leave the hard job to us. We will make your home sparking clean once again and everything will be back to the same place where it was before.


▪ Events/ After party cleaning program:
▪ Deep cleaning in the bathroom and toilet facilities
▪ Dust through and polish all surfaces, furniture, fittings
▪ Remove all cobwebs
▪ Clean mirror, picture frames and other glass surfaces
▪ Clean all spots of the walls if possible
▪ Clean all switches
▪ Clean all doors, door frame and skirting boards
▪ Wipe curtain rails and dust curtains
▪ Clean fire place and surrounding area, polish marble
▪ Cleaning fronts of cupboards
▪ Cleaning microwave, oven, fridge inside/out
▪ Cleaning kitchen sink
▪ Cleaning windows inside and window sills
▪ Vacuuming and mopping all hard flors
▪ Throw away any leftover rubbish
▪ Wipe rubbish bins inside and out
▪ Taking down and removing all decorations such as balloons
▪ Vacuum throughout and mop hard floors