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Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a much more intense process it is the most complete cleaning you can do in your house and needs to be well planned for. You may have a regular schedule to clean your house , however you need a deep house cleaning to reach those places that regular cleaning doesn’t. We highly recommend to use deep cleaning before you start using our regular domestic cleaning service. This way your property will be thoroughly cleaned from the start. You can also take advantage of the one off deep cleaning before a holiday season, special family event, it is ideal as occasional cleaning at any time of the year to make your home refreshed, sanitized , so no infections or bacteria will be able to spread there and sparkling like brand new, just the way you want it. You will benefit yourself and your family with hygienic and well-kept home where you can spend your quality time together.


Deep cleaning is different from regular domestic cleaning or one- off cleaning because it reaches the deep grime and dirt. It covers areas which aren’t cover by regular clean.



Deep cleaning includes:


▪ Full and deep dusting in every corner
▪ Extra attention
▪ Cleaning behind kitchen appliances like washing machine or oven
▪ Under the sink
▪ Washing all blinds
▪ Cleaning Knick- knacks individually
▪ All services of standard clean


Do not wait for the spring to arrive, we can apply the deep clean at any time of the year you can call us now or use our online form.