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Communal Areas Cleaning

Tip Top Cleaning Service is experienced in delivering cleaning and maintaining services to the communal areas in residential and commercial buildings. We understand they are a first areas a new client or guests walking into so are very critical when it comes to creating the right impression and maintaining a positive image.


We can offer our services on one- off, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. We can clean all types of communal areas such as reception halls, entrances, corridors, staircases, lifts, lobbies, training rooms or lounge areas. Whether your entrance facades are marble, stonework or carpeted we can provide cleaning to a very high standard. Our cleaners are fully equipped and have all the necessary supplies to complete the cleaning job efficiently and effectively. They are aware everyone is different and may have special requirements. They will provide customised cleaning plan to reflect your needs so that your properties are always clean and presentable.



We provide the following:


▪ Cleaning entrance facades
▪ Cleaning of light fixtures
▪ Dusting and polishing
▪ Mopping and vacuuming
▪ Cleaning doors, door frames, skirting boards
▪ Cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces
▪ Changing light bulbs as required
▪ Toilet paper and hand towel replacement
▪ Cleaning and disinfecting handrails lift buttons, intercoms etc
▪ Cleaning windows inside and window sills
▪ Sweeping car park
▪ Watering plants
▪ Litter picking
▪ Sort post and recycle junk mail
▪ Cleaning and sanitising bathrooms, toilets and kitchens
▪ Dusting furniture