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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Tip Top Cleaning Service is proud to offer a full range of professional and specialised carpet & upholstery cleaning service in Southampton and surroundings, we are also happy to consider different areas too. We are able to offer our services to public, business and residential sector. We have been delivering our professional carpet & upholstery cleaning to many domestic and commercial customers such as, offices, pubs, restaurants, B&B’s, hotels and cinemas. We deliver a variety of cleaning techniques that are suitable and safe for the successful cleaning.


Please look around our site to learn more about services we provide. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

▪ 100% no- risk, satisfaction guarantee
▪ Excellent value for money
▪ The highest quality and the latest equipment
▪ Highly trained and experienced technicians
▪ Fibre and fabric protection
▪ Professional stain removal



Carpets can be a tedious aspect of house cleaning, as they are placed on the floor they tend to attract plenty of dirt, dust and bacteria, which could cause health issues. One of the main problem about cleaning the carpet is removing stains. Some of them require technical skills and advanced solutions. We take special attention to trouble spots, heavy traffic areas, stains and odour so we never leave them un cleaned. Not every carpet is the same, there are many different types of fabric used for them. We use the best machines and chemicals and we know which ones are right for your type of carpet. Our method is very effective in getting the bacteria, pet hair, and stains out. We clean corner to corner removing all dirt. Our aim is to prolong the life of your carpets, maintain their colour and provide a healthy environment especially for those with asthma or allergies.


Apart from carpet cleaning we also clean rugs, curtains, mattresses, soft furniture and car upholstery. Whether it’s a stubborn carpet stain in your bedroom, or you are in need of professional carpet cleaning to your office, conference space, pub or sport facilities or something entirely different, no challenge is too small or too or too big. Our services include Southampton and surroundings although we are happy to consider different areas too.



▪ fixed and honest prices, no hidden charges
▪ we are fully insured
▪ hundreds of satisfied customers
▪ excellent results, outstanding quality
▪ dust mite control
▪ hot water extraction and gum removal
▪ professional stain removal
▪ top branded products and the best equipment
▪ wool safe fibre specialist
▪ domestic and commercial
▪ non- toxic to human and pets
▪ quick drying time