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After Builders Cleaning

Home renovation, decorating or repairs can generate large amount of dirt and debris, plaster on windows, paint everywhere, labels on the appliances, surfaces covered in thick dust and so on. Even experienced and very careful builders often leave the premises dusty and in need of through cleaning. It is very difficult and specialised task to remove the mess after builders. Our experienced crew will deal with all the construction cement dust, paint, plaster debris, limescale and mess. Our cleaners will leave your property spotless and sparkle and reveal the beauty in your project. We have designed a task list that covers every corner. We can also tailor a cleaning service that matches your specific requirements. Tip Top Cleaning Service specialises in professional after builders cleaning for private owners, renovation companies and builders for all types of properties.



Task List


▪ Remove all labels from bathroom, windows, toilet and kitchen appliances
▪ Clean all floors of any paint and plaster
▪ Clean all windows inside, window frames and sills
▪ Clean all skirting bards, doors, door frames, door handles
▪ Wash all sockets and switches
▪ Dust lamp shades, picture frames, curtains, furniture
▪ Clean rails and banisters
▪ Remove finger prints
▪ Polish mirrors and glass surfaces
▪ Clean around the fire place and radiators
▪ Spot clean walls and ceilings
▪ Clean and polish kitchen, bedrooms, lounge bathrooms and other rooms such as utility room
▪ Hoover and mop all floors
▪ Make sure the property is dust free


Please note that there is a difference between builders clean and after builders cleaning. A builders clean is performed while a construction project is underway. It is ongoing and requires certain health and safety regulation to be met such as having CSCS card. After builders cleaning is carried out when the building works are completed as the name suggest.